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    Colorista 2 - corrupt user profile?

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      Has anyone else experienced this...


      All Colorista 2 trail dynamic sliders have stopped working in AE CS5 (they appear locked).  I was also getting dynamiclinkmanager.exe crashes upon application start-up (Hanging on Mediacore).  Numerical adjustments are the only way to colour correct.  (Although sluggish, it does still work in PP CS5)


      I recently updated the Quadro FX 3800 drivers and also installed a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card.  Apart from that, there are no other updates.  However,

      I rolled back the FX 3800 drivers and uninstalled the BM drivers and reinstalled Colorista 2.  Still no luck.  I also tinkered witrh Windows 7 selective start-up.  Diddlysquat!


      I created a new user profile and, as a result, all works as it should (even using the updated FX3800 drivers and BM card).


      I can only assume that the original user profile is corrupt.  Can anyone please advise me how I begin to diagnose which aspect may be corrupt, and how I could go about restoring its functionality.


      Thanks in advance.