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    Embed Video (flv) in AIR application


      I have a flash file which i've embedded FLV videos into.  They link to the external video file.

      When I export out the AIR application, and install it, it doesn't bring the video files with.  I have to manually copy the videos into the install directory to get them to work.


      How can I make it so the videos get installed with the AIR application?


      I *could* host the videos on a web server, and link to them, but the client doesn't really like this idea.  There must be a way to keep them local - right?


      Thanks in advance.

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          commadelimited Level 2

          When you export the AIR application, are you ever given the option of excluding files from your project? You might be able to force an include at that point. The problem is going to be distribution. FLV files can be VERY large and including several of them can make your AIR file larger than it really needs to be.

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            Socketvox Level 1



            Thanks so much.  I had just assumed any required external files would be brought along automatically during publishing. I read your reply and had a good look in the export settings.


            There is no "include video" option, but there IS an area where you can manually include any file you like.  So I just selected my videos and the player skins and they get included in the installer and installed alongside the .exe - works great!


            You're quite right - it does balloon the size of the app right out, but this is ok.  The app is just a learning scenario for a university course which will be downloaded from the course website.


            Thanks again mate!

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              My pleasure. Would you mind selecting my answer as "the answer" to your post? It's helpful to the forums to show this as "complete".