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    What is AS2 for Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE (AS3)?

    loki2357 Level 1



      I am used to AS3 and am translating back to AS2.  I want to check if something has been removed from the stage.  In AS3, I used this:


      obj.addEventListener(Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE, objRemovedFromStageHandler);



      How can I do this in AS2?


      I have been trying to use the delegate class to set up an onEnterFrame event that I can then remove.  I have this working with events for button clicks etc but not onEnterFrame.  Well, i can get it working, but how do I set it up so I can remove a specific onEnterFrame, as I need to use multiple onEnterFrame throughout the script?


      Any suggestions very welcome.


      Many thanks,