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    Communicating with an AIR app from an independent, external Web app.



      I have a Flash Builder AIR desktop app that is being used to provide a dynamic question and answer system. We'll call it QAApp. You select the topic, you select a problem, and then you are given instructions. You continue to select answers corresponding to whether or not those instructions resolve your issue.


      The logic is driven through XML and a simple character code that let's the app know which selections you have made. We'll call it QACode. The code also tells the app what information to provide next.


      For example, let's say you have an issue with your computer monitor. After selecting that topic, your QACode might simply be cm. The app looks in the XML data source for a node with the id cm and presents the following question and radio button list to select from:


      What is the issue with your computer monitor?


      • Doesn't Receive Signal
      • Only Partial Image Is Visible
      • Screen Flickers
      • Won't Power On


      Based on your selection, the zero-based index of the selected answer above is appended to the QACode. So, if the issue is Won't Power On, our QACode is now cd-03. And the next question is presented, so on and so forth.


      The questions and answers are fed into an HTML text field we shall call QAOutput. When you reach a stopping point, you copy and paste this data into an independent web application of which I have no control. We'll call it ExternalApp. ExternalApp is not loaded by QAApp and is therefore complete outside of any security sandbox (I believe).



      If a stopping point is reached before all questions have been answered, you would still copy the information from QAOutput and place it in ExternalApp. But I want to create a situation where you can use a link in this data that sends QACode back to QAApp. This way you could pick up where you left off without repeating all your previous selections. Just a time-saver really.


      Is this possible?


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.