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    Problem with text font, PT chars and also sxf loading inside catalyst


      Hi all


      Am hoping for some help as I have a few issues which seem very odd to myself.

      I am limited in what I know of flash yet I am learning at a fast pace.


      I have created a catalyst video for a PT client, and I have some issues with the final output.


      1: the swf added does not load untill page refresh ( i see somebody else also has the same problem)

      The sxf file is like 100kb in size, first time it loaded no problem, made some changes ie adding some text and since then i need to refresh the page.


      2: the swf added above is in Arial, text is embded into the mini video, this is included in the final catalyst app and the text is displayed in times new roman.

      There is no TNR in this entire project so dont understand why this is so, the final swf file itself is perfect, displays in Arial, in Catalyst during vretion it also displays in Arial.....


      3: I have PT chars in the text, in the final product these are not displayed correctly, ie the accents.

      I see in the catalyst code it is how ever perfect and displayed correctly, this is displayed in-correctly inside the design view and also in final product.


      Some help would be greatly aprechiated as this has been taking a hell of  alot of time trying to figure out whats going on....


      Thanks in advance for any help on this!