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    Animated Flash buttons start

    proctor8 Level 1

      Hello, hi to everybody, I'm new to the forum. I'm having the following problem. I created these buttons that should do the following screen. Be dark when the mouse is not over them. Smoothly transit to a brighter colour when the mouse get's over them and then again smoothly transit to dark when the mouse get's away. To do so I created 2 animations the one that gets the button darker and the one that gets the button brighter (which is actually the normal picture of the button).


      The button statuses are these:


      UP: Bright to Dark animation

      OVER: Dark to Bright animation

      DOWN: Bright picture

      HIT: Bright picture


      now the buttons work perfectly except for the fact that when i turn on the scene before they get dark the buttons have to go through the up animation (bright to dark) so it looks like turning all the lights off. How do i have my buttons start off being dark?