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    PageMaker 6.5 Plus Dictionary within spell checker

    Timmacx Level 1

      I work for a small concrete testing company, we have used PM6.5 for many years.  I've recently had to upgrade my pc; it now runs

      Windows 7, downgraded to run XP programs.  Having loaded pm6.5 plus on to new pc, it functions just fine.  The only thing

      I can't do is use the spelling function, it returns a message saying 'Dictionary is missing or does not support spelling'. I'm loath to have to buy a new version of Pagemaker as other people within the company are running pm6.5 on XP and I fear a compatibility issue.  Boss is also disinclined to spend money, when his XP computer runs pm6.5 just fine.


      I appreciate that pm6.5 is seen as out-moded. All I need is for the spelling checker to work.  Any suggestions?