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    AE will not open suddenly

    Videowilk Level 1

      AE will not Link from PP CS5 - a window pops up saying Production Premium is required for Dynamic Linking to work. I have Production Premium and Dynamic Link worked fine last night with Encore. It will also not open standing-alone. Hangs on Media Core Initializing.


      I've enabled all Adobe programs in Windows Firewall just to be sure. Same result.


      I read something about codecs being a problem - Where would I find the codecs installed that may be an issue?

      I have only installed the Matrox codecs as a when they were released for Axio users. That was some time ago - AE worked fine then, up until this week.


      Any guesses?




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          Videowilk Level 1

          I was advised to create a folder "old" within User/(name)/AppData/Adobe/Roaming and put the 10 individual - Preference files into that. 10 new ones get created each time you open AE. That did not solve the issue, so I re-installed AE from the CS5 disk. It's nice to know you can select individual programs to re-install. It opened fine. Now I am doing all the updates, so all appears good.


          But I'd love to hear if anyone else has had the same issue.