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      I want to create a navigation sidebar in a Flex 2 app which acts like a tree control in that it contains top level items, then expands to show sub-items on click. Other top level items beneath the clicked item would be pushed down by the expanding item above (same behavior as tree). I also need the top level items to have columns. For example, a navigation bar listing the contents of my pantry, top level in bold:

      Cookies 5 Opened 1 Unopened
      Girl Scout
      Canned Veg 0 Opened 10 Unopened

      I can't format it in this post, but the Opened / Unopened stats should be aligned in columns.

      I'm hoping that there's a control for such thing and I'm just being obtuse (I don't think the Menu controls will do this). If not, any suggestions on building would be appreciated. Thanks!