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    AE will not import live photoshop 3d correctly


      Hi, I've spent a lot of time researching forums, watching tutorials trying to solve this problem to know avail.  I have found some threads that have the same problem, but no solutions have worked.  I'm using CS4 in both photoshop and AE.  My problem is that no matter what I do I cannot correctly import photoshop 3d live layers into aftereffects and have them work properly.  Basically once I save or create the 3d file or 3d shape as a psd, when I import it into AE it does not create the comp correctly where it creates the camera, and controler layer (per the tutorials I have watched).  It simply brings in the PS file as a straight 2d.  Here is what I have done and tried.


      1) within photoshop the 3d object all works fine. I've tried numerous models and even used the adobe car model  that was part of the tutorial There seems to be no issues when working inside PS.  I have even created just a simple 3 d shape in PS and tried importing that into AE with the same results. I am saving all of these as .psd files.


      2) When importing I have made sure that the import as live photoshop3d layer box is checked


      3) Within AE after importing, I have opened the comp that was imported to see if the camera layer and controler layer are there...they are not, only the PS layer (2d) is there.


      4) I havewithin aftereffects to edit original on the layer which brought me back into PS, I made a slight color change and saved and when going back into AE it reflected the changes I made correctly. I tried to do this to make sure dynamic link was working correctly.


      5) I tried to manually within AE to convert the layer to a photoshop live 3d layer (since it didnt do it correctly upon initial import) I get an error message that reads....  no photoshop live 3d layer found.


      It just seems that upon import, AE is not recognizing that it is a 3d photoshop live layer, thus does not create the necessary things (camera and controller) as needed. Are there any preferences that I may need to enable within AE for this to work.  Truthfully I don't know for sure that it couldnt be a problem with PS, but since everthing 3d seems to work correctly in PS, I believe the problem has to do with AE.


      I'm really at a loss at what else to do, everything else in AE works fine.  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sounds rather odd, but I remeber there was an issue along those lines that got fixed in the 9.0.2 update. If you haven't already, try to install it. Also check the rendering style of your model in PS. You may have assigned something there that would not produce visible results and thus AE may ignore it. As a last thing, check your OpenGL settings in AE and PS and your graphics driver. Since PS handles this as a hardware accelerated feature, bad graphics configuration might also make it go boom... For more details it would help if you could produce some screenshots of your settings and import attempts....




          Edit: Definitely make sure to turn off the sequence option in the AE import dialog! This might, after all, be the problem here...

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            harleynut97 Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium, It seems it was a hardware setting involving open GL, I appreciate your help - Carl