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    Misplaced hyperlinks?

    JaredHess Level 1

      Hello RoboHelpers,


      I'm getting a scores of messages that say something like this when I try to open our company's main documentation project:


      "The hyperlink blah used in blah is outside of the current project and will not be shown in the project manager."


      hyperlink outside of current project.gif


      (but with different hyperlinks for many different topics)


      The odd thing is I've looked at some of these files and the hyperlink are all relative links and the topic exists in the current project. I did a test .CHM build to confirm this on a few links, not on all of them though because there's so many.


      I'm using RH on a Win 7 64-bit machine. I don't know if this is a case of RH just not working well with this machine setup or if there's something wrong with project integrity somewhere. I suspect the latter because it was working fine three days ago same project, same machine.


      Some things to know about my project:

      • It was originally developed in Doc-to-Help and then converted to RH 5x when we switched authoring systems back in 2004 I think.
      • It's very large, has some 3000 topics.
      • It has about 40 subfolders (ie chapters) to keep all those topics organized.
      • Our company uses an internal source control (Mercurial) and this has been tied into that for over a year now and functioning rather well.


      Recent changes:

      • Two weeks ago, I got my new work computer up and running. Win 7 64-bit and moved the project over to that. Previously it was running on Vista OS SP2.
      • It has been working fine on my new computer as far as I could tell... until recently.
      • Two days ago, I updated the directory where this project is stored within my local source control repository. Previously it was stored in d:\hg\pcdmisqa\pcdlrn\corehelp. I moved it down one directory level to d:\hg\pcdmisqa\pcdlrn\help\corehelp\.


      I'm also getting this error:

      "An error occurred while trying to read data from... "




      I'm not sure if these problems are related though; I doubt it since the hyperlink errors are not limited to this folder.


      Thank in advance to any ideas you can offer.