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    Sliding Menu. HELP!

      I am trying to create a sliding menu in Flash 8 and am not very adept at actionscripting yet. I have been watching all the tutorials i can find and reading them as well. I have this file uploaded here : http://www.geocities.com/zflategraff/flash.swf

      Basically what im trying to do is have the menu hidden behind the main whote area andd have only the tab showing. the tab has an open/close button on it and thats what i want it to be able to do is when the user clicks on it and it is hidden, it slides out. When it is out and is clicked it slides back.

      I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me!
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          Basically you need to create a movie clip that contains your menu that is masked to only show up when one of the main buttons is clicked. The menu movie clip would have two important keyframes... a closed frame where the menu is to the left of the mask... and an open frame where the menu is under the mask and visible. A tween in between these frames would make the menu slide out. A third keyframe would have the menu returned to starting position, with a tween there too for the retracting action of the menu. Each keyframe has a stop action. You could then write ActionScript to make the menu respond to clicks on the main menu. A click on a main menu example would play the menu movie clip, causing it to slide out... A click of a button on menu could then cause the menu to slide back.

          Does that help?