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    cfdocument with cfpdfform - odd behavior

    SteveTX Level 1

      I'm trying to create a pdf that display some content from HTML and then includes a pdf form file, and I am experiencing two odd things:


      1. The content in the cfdocumentsection above the cfpdfform tag does not show up in the pdf. All I see is the pdf form.

      2. If I try to save the cfdocument using the filename attribute, it doesn't work. The file is not created and the pdf form displays in the browser. If I remove the cfpdfform tag, then the file is created and I see the content from the cfdocumentsection in the result.


      Anyone have any ideas what is going wrong? The code looks like this:


      <cfdocument format="pdf">
          <H2>PDF Form</H2>
          <cfpdfform action="populate" source="#request.path.file_directory##attributes.fileid#.pdf" xmldata="#setInputXMLRet.result#" overwritedata="true">