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    Support for Oracle Help for Java 5


      When will RoboHelp HTML 8 support Oracle Help for Java 5?


      Oracle Help for Java V5 has been out since July 2009 and is currently the only version of Oracle Help for Java (OHJ) that is available from the Oracle web site.  According to the RH8 documentation, RoboHelp only supports Oracle Help through V4.1.  When I try and build an Oracle Help helpset from RH8 HTML and ask for Full Text Search, RH asks for a pointer to the OHJ installation.  When I browse to the directory containing OHJ 5, it accepts the directory and beeps.  No full text search database is built.  If I ask to view the results, RH beeps once, then does nothing.  No error message.  No Oracle Help view.  Although I can view the resulting helpset, full text search is not working.


      If RoboHelp is no longer capable of building embedded Java Help, I don't think I need it anymore.  Adobe AIR is not an option as it is not supported on Solaris.


      M. Wilson