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    Could not initialize Photoshop because of a program error


      Threw this one to Adobe Tech Support. Their answer didn't work (trash prefs, boot in safe mode, start photoshop, quit, restart). And their asking for me to respond to them doesn't work either (no_reply email, log into Adobe Support Portal as suggested generates error message on their Web site, for which I've now also submitted a tech support request ;~)


      The message is being thrown up just after "initializing panels" while Photoshop is loading.


      Here's the thing. I have two Macs, one desktop, one MacBook Pro. Both installations are essentially the same (same OS updates, same CS5 updates, same plug-ins and their updates, same overall software packages. As identical as you can make them. On the desktop, no problems. On the laptop, suddenly problems, and it just recently started out of the middle of nowhere.


      Searches of the Knowledge database don't reveal any information on this.


      So, anyone got any ideas on how to fix this (hopefully short of uninstall completely and reinstall--it's a lot of reinstalling since I've got Nik, onOne, and Topaz suites installed)?