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    Sound stops




      I've downloaded this website template - and all is fine except that I want to exchange the background sound.

      Now in the sound layer I inserted the new sound, it plays well and all.

      However, the sound is longer. It plays and then stops and loops. I've extended the timeline to the new length, removed the old keyframes. But there seems to be a setting somewhere else in the whole fla-file for the sound, it stops at about frame 685, whereas I've extended the timeline to 1020 or so.

      The structure of the file is fairly complicated. Where ELSE can the length of the sound be defined - or the length of the Website movie in general??




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          adninjastrator Level 4

          Review the details of your .fla in

          Main Menu / Window / Movie Exlorer

          Shows all details of the fla.

          Also select the sound file in the Library, right click and look at it's properties... maybe you'll find something in there.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            you should not attach sound to a timeline unless you're trying to sync sound and animation and are inexperienced with actionscript.   otherwise, you should be using the sound class to start and play your sound.