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    Replace a Frame without losing content


      I am in yearbook as an editor and have to have these pages finished within the next 5 days I have 34 pages of senior mug pictures that have been flowed using our publishers flowing program. I need to replace the frames from their basic square frames with a frame i made using a clipping path. I was wondering if there is a way i can copy over the square frame but keep the content and have it show in the clipping path frame. Any programs or scripts that might be helpful i can use. Please help me from cutting the picture and pasting into for 490 pictures.

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          Harbs. Level 6

          There's two ways a script could go about this:

          1. You can change the path of an existing frame, but the script would have to know exactly what the path is supposed to look like. It might be able to figure out the shape of the path from your sample.
          2. You can duplicate the custom frame to the location of the square frame and move the contents into the new custom frame and remove the original.


          Either method would work, and I don't have the time right now to write either...