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    Refurbish this system or build a new one?


      I am wondering if it is time to upgrade my hardware for using CS5 Premiere and Photoshop. Running Windows 7  64.

      I can get my projects done, but video playback can be jerky, I freeze up momentarily at times and encoding seems pretty slow.

      Advice needed: should I upgrade my existing system with more RAM, a  new graphics card and an SSD boot drive, or just do a whole new build?

      My current system:

      Gigabyte P-35 DQ6 Motherboard
      Intel Q6600 CPU
      4 MB of DDR2-800 RAM
      Nvidia 8600 GTS GPU

      I am contemplating buying 16 MB of RAM for $399, a new GPU, maybe  the Nvidia 570 that is supposed to come out next week, and an OCZ 60 GB  SSD drive for about $140. Also overclocking the CPU, which I haven't  done yet. The new components aren't cheap, but are obviously cheaper  than a whole new system.

      Willl any or all of these steps give a nice bang for the buck, or is  it throwing good money after bad and should I just build a new Sandy  Bridge system when the parts become available?

      If I do the upgrade of the existing system, the plan would be to  wait another year and a half or so and build a state of the art system  to keep for a while.

      I would appreciate feedback about pros/cons of the two strategies.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          A Q6600 is pretty dated. Systems based on this CPU are around 9 times slower than fast systems today and even when heavily overclocked are still 6 times slower. The memory you intend to buy can not be ported to a new machine, because of the different memory architecture. One may wonder whether the additional memory will really help in a noticeable way.


          My suggestion would be to build a new  system instead of refurbishing, but you can start with the new 570 card, because that can be installed in a new system as well. It will give you some time so save for the rest of the components you need. You can get additional disks, because they can be ported too. I would forfeit the SSD, because they are still too costly and do not deliver any gains in editing.

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            Scott Chichelli Level 3

            i would echo Harms post.


            to me this is money badly spent you cant move the DDR2 to a new system

            oc ing is great but you still wont reach new system potentials.

            plus the new Sandy bridge budget chips are about to be released..