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    MobileItemRenderer states




      ItemRenderer supports standard states, such as Normal, Hovered, and Selected.

      Does MobileItemRenderer also support some subset of those states?



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          rfrishbe Level 3

          ItemRenderer is designed to be primarily used in MXML.  Because of that we support states.


          However, MobileIconItemRenderer is primarily used in ActionScript.  Because of that, we don't see a huge reason to support states.  If you want to know whether you are selected or not, look at the selected property.  Same with down.


          The only reason I can think of to support states would be to allow AdvancedCSS styling.


          Is there another reason you have for wanting states?


          If you file an enhancement request with your use-case, it's something we'll consider, but we'll have to weight it against the perfromance cost associated with states.