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    loadMovieNum - issue trying to loading MC


      Hi all, I`ve just registered so regards for everybody.


      I`ve got index.fla and inside it i`m trying do load others *.fla.

      Everytnig working well when the loaded movie e.g. realizacje.fla has more then 1 frame.

      Problem is when in e.g. in frame 10 I put a MC and in frame 1 "stop()";

      Such a file is working well but when it is loaded to index working around, like the stop action is not visible or something like that.


      The MC is loaded by


      on (rollOver) {



      on (releaseOutside, rollOut) {



      on (release) {

      loadMovieNum ("realizacje.swf", 1)



      in the realizacje.swf file I`m using eventListeners e.g.


      mc01.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, rOverLeft);

      and also in frame 1 I`ve got stop() action.


      What I`m I doing wrong. I hope that I`ve described my problem understandable.