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    Best export settings to play my videos  on Playstation 3?

    ta6158 Level 1



      I am new to premiere elements (using version 9).  I have started to convert my  home videos to DVD and so far PE9 has been great.  I also want to  export my videos to a file so that I can watch them on my computer and via my computer to my son's playstation 3 (so we can watch them on out TV).



      There are a tonne of different export file format options/choices.   Any suggestions on how I can learn more or even better is there anyone who had gone through this before and can save me the multiple trials?


      Based on my very limited knowledge,  I thought that I should be able to maintain 720x480 at good quality using MP4 and still get a 4 hr home video down to ~ 1 to 1.5 GB.  I haven't had any luck finding a way to do this.


      Any suggestions on which is best set of choices?  Any place I can go to learn the basics?


      Thanks in advance