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    Beginning Android Development


      Im looking at developing some simple image based games for android but unsure where to start.


      I come from a vb.net and directx background and currently develop games for windows. Id like to convert (rewrite) some of my windows games for the Android platform. So Im guesing ths will be a total rewrite using actionscript. I developed several flash5 apps 7 years ago so have a basic understanding of actionscript (from within frames on the timeline). Ive installed Burrito and developed the standard 'hello world' app which runs fine on my Samsung Galaxy S.


      I want to write simple games in pure actionscript. So my questions are -


      Must this be done by creating an 'Actionscript Mobile Project'?

      Must i use views (which appear to be like vb forms)? I dont want to use any of the standard controls ie buttons, listboxes, textinput etc.

      At first glance there seems to be a lot of things that i dont need for writing games. I dont need the view (i assume??), action bar, mxml layout tags etc etc.


      Sorry for my ignorance in advance, i havnt looked at flash/ actionscript for over 7 years and its changed lots since flash5!! All the dev i did previously hung off the timeline etc.


      Does anyone know of any good resources to get me moving quickly? Or any good books etc? There seems to be lots of info out there, im just finding it hard to find the best direction.


      Thanks in advance

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          Lee Burrows Level 4



          you dont need to use a mobile project (any AIR-based project will work). The mobile projects use optimised components (View etc) to reduce processor overhead but apps will still work with standard components (just more slowly). if you are writing games and dont need many ui components then you should be ok with a standard AIR project.


          regarding getting up to speed with actionscript3, i suggest http://www.adobe.com/devnet.html. there are plenty of tutorials to get you started (lynda.com is good too, but you have to pay for it)