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    How can I get Windows to open PBK files rather than Adobe Pixel Bender?


      Hope this is the right forum for this question! I raised this question in a lot of forums and no one could help.


      have a file on my computer for remote access that needs to be opened by Microsoft phonebook, but my Windows XP pro opens it with Adobe Pixel Bender. How can I get Windows to open this file rather than Adobe Pixel ?! I tried to browse my program folder or Windows folder maybe to find the right program but I don't know the location. Which Windows program opens this file and where is it located?!




      pbk file extension is opened by the following programs:


      1.ARC archive
      2.HP-95 Phone Book
      3.Microsoft phonebook
      4.Adobe Pixel Bender kernel file
      5.ElectraSoft Fax phone book


      How can I get Windows (Microsoft phonebook or any similar application or service) to open this pbk file rather than Adobe Pixel ?

      right now all pbk files on my computer ate opened by Adobe Pixel.


      Thank you all.