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    Can Elements 9 playback to a second monitor?




      I have two monitors attached to my computer.  Actually, the second "monitor" is actually a projector.  I'd like playback to go to the second monitor while I using the first monitor to see the timeline, so I can manually control the second monitor's playback.  I thought I could use Playback Settings to identify the second monitor, but that's not working.  Has anyone successfully done this?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I show in my books, you can undock many of the program's panels (except for the Tasks panel) and place them anywhere on your extended desktop. Just go to the Window menu and select Show Docking Headers to make the Docking Headers available, and then drag each panel from the interface and wherever you'd like by this header.


          It would be very easy to use your second monitor exclusively for your Monitor panel.