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    Will Camtasia AVI Video Always Flicker in Premiere CS5?


      Ok, I've read a lot of forums, and I've learned that Premiere doesn't absolutely love AVI, but it can work with it.  I've also read a lot of discussions on codecs and wrappers.


      Here is my issue:


      I am exporting Uncompressed AVI video in Camtasia.  It imports into Premiere CS5 fine.  Part of the video in the timeline will have a horizontal flicker.  It's weird, it only does it to part of the video.


      Outside of Premiere the AVI plays fine.  Inside Premiere, part of it flickers.  Exporting the video, it still flickers.


      Here are some things I've tried:


      I used the Adobe Media Encoder to convert to .mov and .mpeg, but still got the flicker.


      I used VirtualDub to compress the AVI with a different codec.  I tried Logarith Lossless and Cinepak.  Both still flickered in Premiere.


      The one thing I did that sort of worked was Field Processing in Premiere.  I set the Processing Options to Interlace Consecutive Frames in Premiere.  It did remove the flicker by sort of merging and blurring the consecutive frames.  If I have to, this is the setting I'll probably use.  I'd prefer to have a 100% clean, crisp clip obviously, but I'd rather have blurry than flickering.


      By the way, I've exported the Camtasia Uncompressed AVI in 15fps and 30fps, and the screen capture has been tried on a 60Hz and 75Hz screen.  I always get the same flicker.

      Has anyone ever had success with Camtasia and Premiere CS5?


      Is there a certain type of AVI codec I should be using?  Maybe the problem is with the original AVI that Camtasia is producing?  Maybe Premiere will have an issue with any file that has been converted from the exported Camtasia video.


      Any help is appreciated.  And if you know of a thread or resource that would help, point me in the right direction.