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    Premier Pro missing video filters


      Hey there, I just got my Production Premium in yesterday and I was messing around with some videos in After Effects, and now i would like to export them to be able to watch them. And since After Effects doesn't export to video files. I went to put it into premier so i could export it to an AVI from there. But my problem is when I open it in Premier Pro it says.


      \\?\C:\Adobe\premier pro\cinematic test.pproj


      Video Filter Missing: AE.ADBE CurvesCustom


      Video Filter Missing: AE.ADBE Easy Levels2


      Video Filter Missing: AE.ADBE HUE SATURATION



      If anyone would be able to tell me how to fix this or what I am doing wrong, that would be so great!


      All of my adobe products are CS5