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    Working on a game (AS 2.0)

    wesm9787 Level 1
      I'm making a simple Flash game and have it set up so that after you win or lose there's a little button that asks if you want to play again. When you click the button, it takes you back to the frame I have all of the actual game drawn/coded in. Basically there's you and an enemy that chases you around and randomly attacks you. If he touches you or hits you with an attack then you lose health, if you attack him he loses health. The only problem is whenever I click on the button to go back to the game after winning/losing, the attack variable that decides which person loses health stops working. So when I attack him, I lose health, and I'm not sure why that happens. I attached the code I have written so far (sorry it's kind of long but I figured it would be easier to find what's wrong if I attached everything that has to do with attacking). circle_mc is the player's character, who is a circle because this is my first attempt at making a game and I didn't put the time in to design actual people. enemy_mc is the enemy character that attacks you.