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    surround encoder



      I use to use the surround encoder and the movable pan envelopes to simulate audio movement(on the pc version) is this still possible on the new mac version?



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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Yes, and much improved.  Surround panning is now an integral part of the multitrack.


          Just create a 5.1 session, and it will create an empty session with some stereo audio tracks, routed to a 5.1 Master Track

          Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 12.04.31 PM.jpg

          Then you may automate any of the parameters in the Surround Panner just like you could before

          Screen shot 2010-12-05 at 12.05.45 PM.jpg

          Let us know how this works for you.

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            311ALCESTER Level 1

            Hi Charles,

            I can create a 5.1 session but can not seem to activate the next pop up menu containing pan angle/radius/stereo spread and I don't have the "show envelopes" option under the 'read' pull down.....what am I doing wrong?



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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              Make certain you click the triangle "twirl-down" button to the left of the "Read" dropdown.  It will expose the additional automation envelope controls.