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    how to change d scrollTrackColor bckground?


      anybody can help me on how to change d scrollTrackColor bckground?

      I tried already some tips in dis forum bt still i didn't get wt i want as in no reaction, nothing...

      i put this code beside my code when i remove d border of scrollpane and it works bt not d scrollTrackColor.

      anybody can tell me wat i did wrong?

      here's my code

      mysp.setStyle("borderStyle", "none"); // this code work

      // but d other 2 won't work

      mysp.setStyle("ScrollTrackColor", 0x000000);
      mysp.setStyle("SymbolColor", 0x000000);

      i put dis code in frame 1 wer i put d scrollpane.

      tnx an advnce 4 ur help hop u give me respond asap coz i nid it badly to my project.

      mny tnx