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    "This project is not Flash Catalyst compatible" property value error (Panini)


      I created a project last night in Flash Catalyst Panini and spent several hours on it, saved it, closed it, and this morning when I tried to open it again, it gave me this error:


      This project is not Flash Catalyst compatible. To fix compatibility problems, open the project in Flash Builder.

      src/Main.mxml (141): Unexpected property value: . Expected: array.


      Any idea how I can fix this or do a workaround of sorts? I'm pretty sure from reading other forums that "This project is not Flash Catalyst compatible" is related to a known bug, but I'd really like to not have to recreate my project from scratch... I'm a designer and am quite familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator but kinda new to Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder, although I know a very small bit of html and basic programming principles so that helps to a degree.


      Here is the file: files.me.com/sdjourni/zv2mr8


      Thanks for your help.