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    Importing from professional camcorders?

    ghijohansson Level 1

      Is it possible to import from professional camcorders?


      Let me explain the  situation. Like many other persons, I learned filming at a community television  station. I learned filming by using a camcorder which cost 10,000 dollars and  used DVCAM tapes. Quite expensive camcorders are popular at community television  stations and other places where many people learn filming and borrow equipment.  I can borrow a 50,000 dollar HDCAM camcorder without paying anything.


      And  very expensive camcorders are sold second hand. A few days ago I saw an ad for a  digibeta camcorder which I guess was about ten years old. It cost "only" a few  thousand dollars. The high bitrate should make it ideal for digital special  effects.


      What I mean is that expensive camcorders are within reach for  many film makers. So I am interested in using Premiere Elements with such a  camcorder.