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    How do I create internal links in a PDF eBook?


      Hi there, any help with this is GREATLY appreciated. I have the latest version of Adobe, but when I try to create internal links, there doesn't seem to be any way to do it. Doing a Net search I saw that in previous versions of Adobe, that is, 6, there WAS the ability to create internal links (Tools => Advanced Editing => Link Tool). Now there does NOT seem to be the same facility, which is incredibly frustrating, like Adobe went backwards.


      I am creating PDF's from Word, and by internal links I *don't* mean hyperlinks - those are created automatically - but a link in the Index, for eg, so a person can click on a Chapter heading on page 4, for eg and be taken immediately to page 50, for eg.


      Going slowly nuts here as there seems to be NO readily-available advice as to how to do this.