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    No audio on Timeline when importing AVCHD clips



      I have read through a couple of the threads - Premiere Elements 9 does not fully support AVCHD, Premiere Elements 9 for Mac: import clip format woes and No audio after importing AVCHD files looking for information


      I have access to several computers both Mac and PC through clubs I belong to. Since I recently bought a Panasonic HDC TM700 camera to replace my old Sony HC36, I have been experimenting on a Mac (don’t remember the model) with Premiere Elements 9 loaded. I have loaded AVCHD files from the Panasonic camera.  The Preview pane clips will play the audio, but when I drag the clip to the Timeline, the audio disappears.




      When I load the old fashioned Standard definition AVI files from a Sony HC36 camera, the audio plays just fine.


      I have not found anything in the Adobe Premiere Elements Help files or options in the Set Up or Preferences menu that needs to be changed. Is there a Preference of Set Up setting I have missed?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Choosing the correct project preset is the most important thing, Larry. And the challenge we're finding is that many of the newer camcorders (including yours) shoot in more than one format and with more one set of video specs. That can make it very hard to determine which preset to choose.


          An additional challenge is that your camcorder shoots in 60p rather than 60i, which is not compatible with this program.


          Here's a discussion at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com about getting this camcorder's video into an editable format.



          As you can see, it's a pretty convoluted fix -- and I'm not sure why Panasonic chose to build around a format that's incompatible with most major video editors.


          So the real best solution might be just to edit with the software that came with the camcorder.


          Sorry I can't offer a neater solution.

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            LarrySAZ Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I should have identified that the clips I had shot were in HG, the 1080i format.  I was aware of the potential problem with the 1080p format when I bought the camera.


            In the next week or so I'll do some more experimenting with the same material on a Windows OS with PE 9 using the HD Writer software provided with the camera. I'll continue to attempt to get the full clips with audio onto the Timeline on the Mac.  It seems weird that the audio is on the Preview Pane but not on the Timeline though.


            I'll report what I find.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As you work, make sure that when you start a new project you select the Settings for a 1920x1080 5.1 audio camcorder. (It's very important that you select the correct audio preset!)


              If that doesn't help, you may also want to go to Premiere Elements Preferences and check the Audio Hardware settings. Sometimes it's as simple as selecting the right preference!

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                LarrySAZ Level 1


                Thanks for the replies Steve.  I’ve tried the 1920x1080 5.1 setting.  I’ve gone through the Audio Hardware settings and there is still no audio on the Timeline. However it is in the clip because the audio plays on the same clip when it’s in the Preview pane.




                My original eMail indicated that I was working on a Mac with the OS X.  I’ve also experimented on a Windows PC (Dell Studio SPS 435MT with Vista SP2 installed) and still have the same results – audio in the Preview Pane but not on the Timeline. This same Dell also has Premiere Elements 8 installed so I was able to experiment with that too. Same problems.  Both Premier Elements 8 and 9 work fine with normal .avi or .vob files.




                I have some material on a DVD which I downloaded using HD Writer AE 2.1 that was converted in the camera to standard definition. Still no audio on Timeline.  So I have to conclude that Premiere Elements is just not compatible with the AVCHD files from Panasonic TM700.




                I’m told that the files work OK in Final Cut Express so that will be my next experiment. I love the camera but I have to find a working editor.