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    When more than 300 lines of script are in an mxml file, syntax checking and auto-complete stop....


      Yes, I'm not kidding, I have no error checking, no syntax correction... not even any auto-complete for included SWC fiels anymore.  This has been pissing me off to no avail, and recently it's just bcome too much.

      My MXML application is script heavy, as it is a multi-user chat system..;.. however, for whatever reason Adobe Flash Builder refuses to HELP ME code it at all.  I might as well be using Notepad and the afb commandline compiler, it's just as useful.

      I can enter a completely invalid line such as "var38jww;[][][];];}" and it still doesn't show me that anything is wrong, even after saving the file.  It's not until I tell AFB to export a release build that I am prompted with an error in my code, and even then the problems pane is completely empty.  It only tells me it in the compilation failure log.


      Help with this matter would be greatly appreciated, as you can understand why this would tick me off so much  My project is a Flex Application with the majority of its code in one <fx:script> tag.  This code is pure AS3, and uses the Union Platform (ReactorAPI) SWC file for multi-user communication.  I can git or otherwise post the source files if you need help reproducing my situation.


      This happsns regardless of what operating system I use (Windows or Linux), which computer I use, or how many times I re-install AFB.