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    Reader Extension rights problem in Reader 9.x

    saikrishna187 Level 1

      Hi Experts,


      I was working on ADLC 8.2.3 version shipped by SAP.

      I am using reader 9.X


      My Development have one data source being used by 2 different dynamic forms where forms content enable and disable dynamically based on user inputs.

      Every time I save the form with data changes it saves as a new version. no problem with this.


      When I create for the 1st time v 0001 is created.

      now I open 0001 edit and save V 0002 is created.

      Again when I open V0002 to edit the following message is displayed.


      "This document contained certain rights to enable special features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and these rights are no longer valid. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."


      This is been happening very recently and only with form 2 form 1 works fine.

      Also when i searched this error i found that it was bug in reader 8.1.. and a patch is relased on top of it, but i am using 9.X.


      Can somebody help me what was the reason behind.


      I have posted the same query in ADLC fourm, if this mean a duplicay please forgive me.


      Thanks 7 Regards,