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    [VB][CS5] Hyperlink on Rectangle problem - urgent


      Hi there,


      I got the a problem with VB and CS5. I try to do something like that:


      Dim mInDesign As InDesign.Application

      Dim mPub As InDesign.Document
      Dim mHyperlink As InDesign.Hyperlink


      Set mInDesign = GetObject("", "InDesign.Application.CS5")
      Set mPub = mInDesign.Documents.Item(1)

      Dim mRectangle as InDesign.Rectangle

      'REM - rectangleID is a Long parameter for this function and is a valid rectangle ID

      Set mRectangle=mPub.Rectangles.ItemById(rectangleID)

      Dim mHysperSource As InDesign.HyperlinkPageItemSource
      Set mHysperSource = mPub.HyperlinkPageItemSources.Add(mRectangle)


      Well, the bold underlined line of code creates error 13 - type mismatch!

      No mather what I am trying to use mRectangle.AllPageItems.Item(1), mRectangle.PageItems.Item(1), mRectangle.AllGraphics.Item(1) - still no success


      Watching the variable shows mRectangle as Variant/Object/Rectange and mRectangle.AllGraphics.Item(1) as Variant/Object/Image

      The Image is a JPEG Image....


      Any suggestions how to get Hyperlinks working with Rectnagle? (I cannot use TextFrame with InsertionPoint... it is Rectangle and I cannot change it)