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    playlist data linking




      i've created a site in adobe catalyst (implementing illustrator graphics), using the HUD to make buttons and a vertical scrollbar.

      now i don't know how to connect the included scroll bar (which represents an audio/video playlist) with the corresponding audio and video data on my server.




      the idea is that when a client hits a title in the sroll bar, he is confronted with a new window that holds the option of playing either a video or an audio by the click of a button:




      when i look at the code in flash builder, it seems that catalyst generated an ArrayCollection class. the QuickInfo says suggests to use ICollectionView and IList to link data, as far as i understand.






      could you give me a clue or link?

      i'm just a designer and don't know much about code yet, so any hint from an expert is greatly appreciated.

      thanks so much in advance!