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    licensing air-for-android app - possible?




         I'm in the process of converting some flash apps into air apps for use on android market. These apps will be paid for, commercial apps, and as such need to be copy protected *somehow*.

         So far I've read into the LvL license manager at android market, which is a purely java based API, and as such I can't think of any way to integrate into that into an actionscript app. I've also contact android market directly and they've confirmed that it's the app itself which must manage the license protection.


         Has anyone any ideas how to stop the apps being pirated? Anyone know if the following ideas are possible?


         - adobe add license manager support to actionscript and hook in and use that? (I can't tell but it looks like adobe license manager code is only related to their "inMarket", which, as far as I can tell, is for .air files (not .apk andoird ones).

         - call a java function from actionscript somehow. Or create an entirely java based "license protector" app that is packaged into the apk somehow, and it is that part of the app that then conditionally loads in the rest of the air app? (I don't think this is possible as it would involve java and air runtimes to be active simultaneously inside one app).

         - put something into the app.xml/manifest file that effectively says "don't run this app if someone hasn't paid for a valid license"