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    Fireworks gradient is 3 ugly strips in preview?

    Budo Cat Level 1

      A gradient (#663300  -->  #999999) that looks nice in Fireworks looks like three ugly stripes in preview. (See screen shot below)Screen shot 2010-12-06 at 2.30.11 AM.png


      What's more, the gradient color appears to have changed the border and type color. The border, in Fireworks, is black with a 20% mesh. The type is supposed to be a gray (#c9c9c9). But in preview (and in the screen shot above), the border and type have a definite reddish tinge to them.


      I actually link the border and type color change. But I don't understand why the gradient would affect those areas. I only applied the gradient, and those colors, to the the main content area.


      Can anyone tell me how to keep the gradient that I have in Fireworks, rather than ugly blocks I get in preview? And does anyone know why the gradient  affected colors in another area?


      Thank you.