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    How to open pdfs in javascript?

    deepak venkatachalam

      Hi friends,


      I am using the following code to open two pdfs through javascript, but the pdfs are not opening up.


      Plz help me out.





      AccroApp = new ActiveXObject('AcroExch.App');



      var newpd = new ActiveXObject('AcroExch.PDDoc');


      var newav = new ActiveXObject('AcroExch.AVDoc');


      var ok = newpd.Open("C:\Deepak\TED Pdfs\f1t801_.pdf");


      if (ok) {

      newav = newpd.OpenAVDoc(

      "C:\Deepak\TED Pdfs\f1t801_.pdf");



      var oldpd = new ActiveXObject('AcroExch.PDDoc');


      var oldav = new ActiveXObject('AcroExch.AVDoc');


      ok = oldpd.Open("C:\Deepak\TED Pdfs\f1t802_.pdf");


      if (ok) {

      oldav = oldpd.OpenAVDoc(

      "C:\Deepak\TED Pdfs\f1t802_.pdf");