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    connectivity problems

      I am unable to set up a connection to the server

      for Contribute. Adobe technical support tells me

      that my server blocks tmp files which allow

      Contribute to upload tmp files to the site,

      therefore they can't set it up.
      My server tech support says that there is no block on the ftp server.
      I found on adobe site the file for compatibility check http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_19012&sliceId=2server checker for compatibility with contribute) which says that the server is compatable with Contribute. Adobe tech support suggests that I get a server that is compatible. Has anyone run into these problems, and have a solution?
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          pastotta Level 1
          I know the feeling, mine tells me I don't have sufficient priveledges and to contact the site admin, and I'm the site admin. I've tried every option for advanced ftp settings. I wonder if it has something to do with the company that hosts the site.

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            myralew Level 1
            Adobe tech support suggested that I get a different server, so I purchased space on Networksolutions hosting. Their support assures me that lots of folks have contribute sites on their server. Same thing, can't set up a connection. With Dreamweaver, the connection for FTP is fine and I can upload and download from the server, but Contribute doesn't allow the connection.
            After I couldn't connect, their tech support couldn't find any reason why it wouldn't work. I'm stumped.
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              Enable Contribute Compatibility (within DW8)

              Having same problem - did the FTP diagnostic which claimed successes across the board - but no joy.
              Dreamweaver states that it can't connect to the server.

              I've unfortunately already purchased the product (version 2).