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    Disk menus are really fuzzy!


      2 small questions, if anyone can help, Thank you.


      I recorded a 3 hour home wedding video.


      Question 1, the Template Disk menus that come with pe9 come out really fuzzy, I used the outdoor wedding Disk Menu, after burning the DVD and watching it on a DVD-TV you can’t even make out the words in the seen options.


      Question 2, on a 3 hour HD home wedding video, what’s the best way to burn (like 12 GP of date). I see burning to 1 DVD really shrinks the quality and 2 DVDs still won’t be enough room. So besides blue-ray is there any tricks, because Hollywood movies make it on 1 DVD for 2 hours on HD.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          With 3 hours of Timeline, the bit-rate for a DVD-5 will be very low, hence a major quality hit. The better choices will be to burn a set, as you mention, with 2 - 3 DVD-5's, or burning to a DVD-9 (DL) disc. Burning to a BD disc, and letting the BD player up-rez, as best it can, will also work, so long as all recipients have BD players.


          For good quality with a DVD-5, I would limit my Timelines to about 1.5 hours. That will allow the bit-rate for the resultant Transcode to be much higher. When one stuffs in more footage, the quality will decrease. One has two choices, shorter Duration at higher quality, or longer Duration at lower quality.


          As for Hollywood, almost all titles are on DVD-9 (DL), and they use encoders that allow 9 + passes, and these are run by experts, who do nothing but encode to MPEG-2. Those encoding programs probably start at about $50K, so one is talking very expensive software, just for that one task.


          Good luck, and hope that helps,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Bill. You can only fit about 70 minutes of video on a standard DVD. Squeeze more than that on and the program will need to lower your quality in order to fit it all on.


            You might be able to do 90 minutes without a noticeable reduction in quality. But three hours? That's  way too much for a little 4.7 gig disc!


            So breaking it into two 90-minute discs is probably your smartest move.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I find that 90 mins. is about the limit for quality, and even then, fast motion will show artifacts. Were I given 3 hours, I'd think about a 3-disc set of DVD-5's. Though I have done 3 hour DVD-9's, the quality does start showing, especially with those high-motion Assets.




              PS - as an aside, a 3 hour disc is a bit long for most audiences, though if one is only going through "scene selections," and not doing a Play All, the audience might be able to stay awake longer...

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                jen 112177

                Thank you for your reply, sorry I had to log-in as I got signed our dome how.  DL means double layer, do most DVD players read DL beuce that should help? and what does DVD-5 mean (5)?


                and any info about the blurry menus.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  All players with the "DVD" logo are certified to play DL/DVD-9 discs, HOWEVER, none are certified to play ANY burned DVD-Videos, DVD-5, or DVD-9. That is the limitation. Most WILL play properly burned DVD-Videos, using good blank media, but not all. Also, burned DVD-9's seem to be even more problematic, than burned DVD-5's. It will depend on the individual player. Almost all Hollywood releases are on DVD-9's, but those are replicated, and not burned. There is a great difference between a glass-mastered, pressed DVD, and one that was burned.


                  To date, I have only had one client, whose player would not handle a well-burned DVD-9, regardless of the quality of the blank media, and for them, I did a set of DVD-5's for the Project. Still, their player would handle Hollywood releases on DVD-9, just no burned DVD-9's.


                  Good luck,




                  PS - for DVD-5's, I always use Taiyo-Yuden blank discs, and for DVD-9's, I always use Verbatim blank discs. For each, I burn at slower than max speed.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Hollywood movies make it on 1 DVD for 2 hours on HD


                    Impossible... a DVD is not, by specification, HD... that is reserved for BluRay


                    As already noted, the difference is in the (cost of) software used to encode to MPEG2 to then create the DVD

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                      jen 112177 Level 1

                      great so ill chop them into 3 dvds and aswell do 1 dl that hold double the memory on a single DVD.  i have blank Sony ant stapes DVDs will they work as well, and any info on the blurry menus.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        i have blank Sony ant stapes DVDs will they work as well?

                        They may, or they may not. I do not know the Sony discs, but those from Staples are most likely the cheapest blanks available that day, and just rebranded with the Staples logo - just like Memorex, recent TDK's, recent Ritek's and most "store brands." One may get a good burn, but the odds are against you. In a stack of 100 Memorex blank discs, one is likely to have discs from up to 4 different mfgrs. The first 10 might work fine, but then some of the rest, not so.


                        That is why I always use Taiyo-Yuden blanks for DVD-5's, and Verbatim blanks for DVD-9's. Also, Verbatim makes great DVD-5's, but I have standardized on T-Y's. To date, with the exception of that one client player, that could not handle ANY burned DVD-9's, I have never had one disc returned for playability issues, with over 2000 delivered.


                        With other brands, YMMV.


                        Good luck,



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                          jen 112177 Level 1

                          i see you like - vs plus +  becuse here is a decent price, would you recommend this DVD type?



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Yes, those should be very good. My Verbatims are slower, but that's because I bought 1000 some years back.


                            One limitation with PrE for burning is that it will take the speed of the media, plus the speed of the burner, and go with the fastest possible burn speed, based on those two factors. I like slower burn speeds, and normally go with ~ 2.4x for DL discs. In PrE, one has to use a workaround to lower the burn speed. One would first Burn to Folder on the computer (a very good way to test the Project too), and then use a burning utility, like the free ImgBurn, to do the physical burn. It allows one to adjust the burn speed, and also will tell you exactly who manufactured the blank media - very useful, if using Memorex, or other brands of blank media. At least you see who really did make that blank disc.


                            Good luck,



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                              so in PE 9 is there a difference to burn directly to a DVD or can you burn

                              a DVD to a folder then just drop and drag to a blank DVD.



                              As well is it ok when burning the DVD to use the full capacity that the DVD can hold or is it healthy to burn like 90% to make room to breath.

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                                nealeh Level 5

                                Unless you are burning a data disk you don't have to worry about disk sizes other than single-layer or double-layer. When you burn to folder PRE makes sure it stays within the single/dual layer limits.


                                Note that to produce a DVD playable in players you must burn it as a media disk - not just drag the folder to a disk. That you are asking about 'drag-to-disk' makes me wonder whether you have packet writing software such as Nero's IN-CD installed. If you have, you may be in for a rough ride - PRE can often conflict with those packet-writing products.


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                                  well basically I pop in the blank DVD and it ask me do you want to create a data

                                  disk or a media disk... so I guess i select media and i can drop and dang i guess

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    For some background on packet-writing software, and some of the issues, see this ARTICLE.


                                    Good luck,