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    Cutting Multiple Pages


      Recently had Windows Vista loaded on our operating system last week. I scan a lot of documents from our printer to my email. With Windows XP, when I would scan a PDF, I could select multiple pages, open a new document and paste what I had cut and then save the file with the name I needed. I can't seem to figure out how to do this with Adobe 9.


      A couple of examples of things I need to do...


      1. I scan a 20 page document, but I have to rename each page of the document. Do I now have to scan each page individually? This is where the cut and paste came in handy as I could scan the all the documents at once instead of each page indivdually. Cut what I had selected and paste into a new file, rename and save.


      2. I scan a 20 page document, but pages 1-3 need to be emailed to Person A. 4-9 need to go to Person B. The rest need to go to Person C.


      If I need to clarify please let me know, I know there has to be an easier way of doing business than this.