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    how to impose condtion

    ravi burila

      Hi friends,


      i got strucked with a smalll issuse.


      I am using repeator to create a text input,button depending upon my record in database.everything went well.

      i want to raise a condition inorder check data.while inserting



      <mx:Repeator id="myRep" dataprovider="{recordArray}">                                             //recordArray contains data retrieved from database

      <mx:label text="myRep.currentValue"/>

      <mx:textInput text=""/>                                                          //Here i have a condition to check inorder to leave the text field empty  or replace with any value                                           

      <mx:textInput text=""/>

      <mx:button id="submt" click="addTrans(event.currentTarget as Button)"/>




      Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!