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    drawing vs. image

    Don Kerr Level 3

      The flex mobile multi-touch app I'm working on requires me to show the lines on a basketball court, football field, etc.  Just the lines and circles in the right places depending on the choice of playing field.  Currently, I have a png in the background to show the court/fields.  But, I'm wondering if it is better to draw the lines programmatically in Flex instead of using an image?


      With the app being deployed to various devices and screen sizes, and with orientation changes, I'm not sure using images is the best approach.  But, it might be too complicate to draw the lines and re-draw them when the stage size and orientation changes on the device.


      The scaleMode/fillmode for spark images seems to work ok.  I just change the rotation of the image when the deviceOrientation changes.


      Any recommendations on which is the better approach for mobile/tablet?  Drawing lines or using spark background images?




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          VirtualCoder Level 1

          I am quite new to all of this but am my self exploring use of Flash Illustrator (to draw) and Catalyst (to componentize?).


          So, just this morning I was struggling with the question of when to use Photoshop vs Illustrator and I came across some article (which now escapes me) and it basically said that if you want bit map images then Phtoshop but if you want vector based drawing then Illustrator.  So, maybe you can download a trial version of Illustrator to see if that works with you.  Now, I am not sure where Flash Catalyst comes into all of this or if/why it may be required if all one wants to do is to import Illustrator art into Adobe Flex.  Surely, Illustrator should be able to do such exports or is this yet another Adobe Creative way of milking and in process confusing the heck out of customers with such a plethora of products that all do mostly the same thing - except for this little thing that makes it useful in a particular use case ?!?