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    Encoding Cmap specified by a font is missing Error Message


      Hello all,


      I'm afraid I'm having an issue with Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro running on Windows XP SP3. I've searched the depths of the internet to find a solution to no avail. Here is hoping this isn't a lost effort to finally get someones support and assistance with the issue.


      I work in the IT field and I am seeing an error message on one of our users systems. "The encoding (Cmap) specified by a font is missing." It seems to show up when the user attempta to delete a particular PDF page or replace a certain page. As far as I can understand, this has something to do with the PC itself as I had the user attempt the same process on another PC running Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro.


      I can't find any solution on the internet, but I did notice that other programs people have used have generated the same error message.


      Please help as I am becoming exhausted researching the cause of the error.


      Thank you,