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    Flex obselete with the release of Flash CS3?

    Anti-Girl Level 1
      Flash cs3 and its new components feature pretty much give the same functionality as flex's components.
      The only reason why i used flex was because of the components, ive only created a few applications but i cant see why i couldnt just make them with CS3 now?
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          peterent Level 2
          You could certainly make that attempt. Our goal is to give you as much choice as possible. Some people like the Flash IDE, others like Flex because you can use any text editor, not just Flex Builder. With Flash CS3, you need the Flash IDE to work with the FLA files.

          When you choose to work with Flex you can put your source files into a source code control system - you can do that with FLAs, but you lose change management. In other words, every time you edit your FLA, it changes so it is always going back into source code repository. With Flex and MXML and AS files, you save only those files which have changed.

          Flex provides a more traditional way to build SWFs. You can use Flash to supplement it. You'll find with Flex 3 that the reverse will be true, too - use Flex to supplement Flash.

          Anyway you want to do it, that makes you comfortable and successful, is the best way to go. We're glad to be able to offer you choices.