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    Using the "Data Merge Tool"

    rafa@mediatech Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I have a 2 questions about the data merge tool. I understand how to use a CSV file to replace dynamically any text I desire.

      1. Can I use this same tool to replace pictures? Say, like if I create baseball cards for an entire team.

      2. If I use it for creating business cards, but I only need to create ONE card at a time... I like how the "Records per document" option that optimizes the page size to fit as many as possible. Ok, to the question; How can I print one record at a time, multiple times (say 20 per page) and include art for the other side of the page (double side print, that does not contain variable data, just a background)? I just need to make sure the tool knows how to line the art up, so that when it is cut, the front and back art is aligned properly.


      Thank you for your time.