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    Ignoring the SCCS files in FB 4

    Bhargav_Flex Level 1

      Hello All,


      My Scenario:

      I have been trying to change teh filters of the FB 4 so as to ignore all the SCCS files (s.*) generated by my bitkeeper.


      In order to do so, I am locating my plugin.xml file which is at {$FB HOME}\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.standalone_4.0.0.272416.

      I am editing the <extension>, <filter/> node in order to add a pattern of s.* and selected property true.


      I save the above file and then restart the FB from my command line using the clean option i.e. at the location of FB.exe I execute FB -clean.

      The FB restarts but my effects are not seen.


      My Questions:

      1. Why do I do not see my filters updated?
      2. Is there another way to do the same. My main aim is to tell FB to ignore all s.* files as if they donot exsist.


      Some light is this by the developers of FB will be really helpful.


      Thank you in advance.