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    Calendar auto shape

    pixlor Level 4
      Hello, first post here....

      I've been using Fireworks MX (Studio) for years and just upgraded to CS3 Web Premium. In looking around Fireworks, I spotted some auto shapes in the Assets palette that I can't seem to find any info on. The help files describes the basic shapes, but not these new things, like the cylinder, box, cog, and calendar. Am I missing something? Can anyone point me to some info?

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          ageofem Level 1
          3d box, it creates a 3d box in fireworks. Its useful if you want to create some packages, etc.Here's some tips, you should have a stroke color ( and a fill color if needed ) , for the autoshape to work well. You see that crosshair once you have added the autoshape, try to experiment with it, for it will change the rotation of the 3d box

          Calendar, it creates a calendar. When you click it, some points will show up, which allows you to change the month, date, etc.

          Think of the rest of the autoshapes as drawing aids, in case you want something done quickly